Friday, April 3, 2009

Matt Trakker

The leader of MASK as well as a multi-millionaire philanthropist. He was one of the creators of the original MASK team. In the comics, the team was co-created by him along with his teenage brother Andy, and Miles Mayhem. Mayhem double-crosses Matt and causes the death of Andy when he steals some of the masks for his newly-established VENOM team.

Matt Tracker is M.A.S.K.'s Bruce Wayne. He is a millionaire playboy,that came from a wealthy family. He is a philanthropist that donatesmoney and materials to various charitable organizations as well asinvesting in other scientific and technological research projects(Weapons development, mass transportation, Etc.). Matt's older brotherAndy developed the M.A.S.K. Technology, along with Miles Mayhem.But Miles decided to steel the technology and set their laboratory on fireto cover up his crime. Andy was caught in the ensuring fire and wasunable to escape. After this Matt vowed to stop at nothing until Mayhemwas brought justice.