Saturday, April 11, 2009


A VENOM truck that didn't transform, instead it burst apart when triggered by infrared beams fired from Hornet. The toy came with a Miles Mayhem action figure and the Raynet mask (a redress of the Viper mask from Switchblade).


A MASK packing crate that opened to reveal a secret weapon platform which burst apart when triggered by infrared beams fired from Ratfang. The toy came with a Matt Trakker action figure and the Lasertron mask (a redress of the Ultraflash mask from Rhino).


An anti-aircraft gun disguised as a holding tank tower. He uses the New Torch mask. This toy was never released, though a few prototypes are said to exist.


A front-end loader which separates into an aircraft and a tank. Here, he uses the New Buckshot mask to make his holographic double.

Barracuda/ Jackal

A yellow motorbike that turns into a rocket glider and armed cycle. The New Magna-Beam mask produces his holographic double.


A blue Corvette Stingray which splits into a tank and jet plane. His mask is New Viper which projects his holographic clone.

Ramp Up

A repair ramp that turns into a tank. (Never released)


A jet fighter plane that splits into an assault rocket car and an aerial attack craft. His accompanying mask is New Spectrum which creates a holographic double.


A Pontiac Fiero that splits into a jet plane and an attack motorcycle. He uses the New Streamer to create his holographic clone of himself.


A dune buggy that splits into a helicopter and assault car. His mask, New Lifter, creates a holographic double.


A Volkswagen Beetle that separates into an attack boat and an assault quad bike. The New Maraj mask creates his holographic clone of himself.