Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gloria Baker

A champion race car driver and black belt in kung fu. Occupation: racer/sensei.
Gloria Baker was the team's only female member. She was primarily used on missions for her vehicle Shark. Gloria was the dainty background female similar to cover Girl from G.I.JOE. Gloria was a Champion Racecar driver (ran in the Indianapolis 500) as well as a Black-Belt in Kung Fu. Gloria's love life is the speculation of some controversy. In one episode of the regular cartoon, Gloria goes on vacation to Las Vegas with Matt Trakker and seems to be very irritated when they are interrupted at dinner. In contrast in the first episode of the Racing seres cartoons, she seems to have feelings for Buddy "Clutch" Hawks, but then again the Racing seres cartoons are mostly crap on a stick IMO.